Pelican Adventurer Case

Product Pelican Adventurer Case
Colour Clear & Teal
Model Number Galaxy S8 Plus (C30100-000A-CLTL)
Barcode 19428149154

Pelican Adventurer Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
Pelican is synonymous with hard-hitting quality.
Dropped your phone? Don't panic!
Protective cases that withstand the most extreme conditions on earth are our specialty.
Pelican Adventurer is no different. Expertly crafted to create the slimmest, impact-absorbing case on the market,
our soft-grip HPX technology teams up with a rigid outer shell to provide dual-layer protection without compromising functionality.
The Pelican Adventurer case is 23% more impact-absorbent over similar protector models in the market and will move any shock away from your phone.
Whether you’re trotting around the globe or the neighborhood, this sleek and resilient case will keep your phone safe.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Colour: Clear & Teal

Compatible With Samsung
Galaxy S8 Plus