Dog & Bone - LockSmart Travel Bluetooth Padlock

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Product Dog & Bone - LockSmart Travel Bluetooth Padlock
Colour Black
Model Number DAB-LST001
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Dog & Bone LockSmart Travel Bluetooth Keyless Padlock
A new keyless, trackable travel security is here!
Through your mobile device*, the TSA accepted Bluetooth-smart LockSmart Travel lets you open and manage your travel locks without a single key.
Share ‘virtual keys’ instantly and remove any shared user with the swipe of a button.
The intuitive app lets you track who has opened your lock and when.
Awaiting your luggage at the airport carousel?
When in Bluetooth range, track your luggage through your app, or try tracking it via crowdsourcing the LockSmart Travel community.
The weather resistant LockSmart Travel bestows keyless security – no keys to lose nor mistakenly end up in the wrong hands, yet the highest Bluetooth security standard.
More security, more features and more conveniences than the humble combination or keyed lock... this is the travel lock of the future!
*Use your IOS or Android device with Bluetooth 4.0
Keyless Trackable Security
Ever found yourself before a flight rushing to pack your suitcase, only to discover you can't find your lock's key?
Or been half way around the world and no matter how hard you try, cannot recall that dreaded password or digit combination?
Or perhaps you've simply left your keys in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Fortunately, a new keyless and trackable travel security has arrived!
By using your mobile device, you can open and manage all your LockSmart Travel padlocks without any physical keys or combinations.
The LockSmart Travel is certainly convenient, but it is much more than just a lock without keys or codes!
LockSmart Travel bestows more security, and sharing and tracking features like none before with the humble key or combination lock.
Safe & Secure.
We know security is important to you.
LockSmart Travel enjoys cyber security comparable to a bank!
No keys to lose nor mistakenly end up in the wrong hands, yet the highest Bluetooth security standard –128-bit.
Define your own encryption security levels. Choose to unlock by Touch ID, tapping the icon, push to unlock or passcode.
No need to take your phone out of your pocket or bag.
For your convenience, unlock by pushing the button on the lock, when in Bluetooth range.
Shared access.
Imagine you are sightseeing in Paris, and a friend back in the hotel, wants to grab your iPod from your locked bag. Easy!
The LockSmart Travel lets you share a 'virtual' key instantly with a press of a button - you needn't be in the same room, city or even country to do so.
Share access with one or many.
Better still, you define the access level, whether it be unlimited, limited, scheduled or single unlock access.
The LockSmart app gives you complete flexibility to schedule specific dates and times of shared use.
Got important work documents locked in your luggage, and your team needs to access whilst you're off-site?
Or the communal toothpaste is locked in your suitcase but you're nowhere to be found? Not a problem!
Share access instantly, and remove access just as easily – without any physical keys to track down or collect.
Track your lock's use.
Enjoy trackable keyless security. Track who has accessed your lock and when.
View all activity in your trackable LockSmart app displaying user name, date and time of use.
Track your luggage.
Your flight has landed and you're ready to collect your baggage from the terminal only to find a squillion other bags looking identical to yours.
Make life easier.
When in Bluetooth range, track your luggage through your app and be notified when your bag nears.
Out of range? Try tracking it via crowdsourcing the LockSmart Travel community.
Centrally manage multiple locks.
De-clutter your life!
Whether it’s your suitcase, your hand luggage, or even your bike, boat shed, gym locker, fence, storage shed or something else,
manage all your LockSmart Travel, LockSmart and LockSmart Mini padlocks in one convenient app.
Never ever lose the 'key'.
Wouldn't it be great to never again worry about losing keys!
With LockSmart Travel there are no keys to lose - your mobile device is the 'key' to all your travel bags.
Lose your mobile? That's okay. You can log in through another mobile device and your old device will automatically log out.
TSA Accepted.
The LockSmart Travel is Travel Sentry approved so you can check in and out of the airport without worry.
Security officers can check your luggage without damage.
Fail Safe.
Your app lets you know when your lock is getting low on power.
Weather resistant.
Unfortunately, not all our travels bring glorious sunshine.
The LockSmart Travel is weather resistant so you can carry on with your travel itinerary, rain or shine!
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