Tech Rescue Mini Kit

Order Code ATRK000MIN
Product Tech Rescue Mini Kit
Colour Bag
Model Number Tech Rescue Mini - Moisture Removal Kit
Barcode 5028356507269

Tech Rescue Mini - Moisture Removal Kit

This kit removes moisture from electronic devices, quickly and safely by following some very simple but effective instructions. It acts as an emergency recovery kit for mobile phones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players, SLR cameras and any other electronic or battery operated device.

Why & How:

  • Instructions are simple making this emergency kit easy to use.
  • All offices and homes should have a kit just in case any electronic or battery operated device gets wet.
  • The dry bags inside the pouch will fit Smartphones, MP3 Players, Small Digital Cameras, Watches, SLR Cameras, Tablets.
  • Use the drying bag which fits the gadget best.
  • If you’ve dropped your device into water just by following a few simple instructions this kit will draw-out the moisture.
  • The user should remove the power source (battery from phone as example) and excess moisture quickly (dab with dry cloth) to have a chance of saving the device and the data.
  • Mini Size: W -175mm x H - 240mm

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