FINDIT.ID Identification Labels

Order Code ALTC003
Product FINDIT.ID Identification Labels
Colour Silver Foil
Model Number ALTC003
Barcode 784927176221

FINDIT.ID Adhesive Identification Labels - 3 Pack

You can apply to many personal items - Smart Phone, Camera, iPad, Notebook, Instruments and Luggage.

FINDIT.ID Adhesive Label is made from Strong Polycarbonate Material that will not fade, with strength, waterproof 3M adhesive.

Immersion in water has no appreciable effect on the bond strength.

Not adversely affected by exposure to UV.

Suitable for short periods up to 121°C (250°F) and intermittent longer periods up to 66°C (150°F).

All data is securely stored in the FINDIT.ID data bank – the Owner and Finder choose when or if to share contact details.

Much safer than writing your mobile phone number.

How it Works...

Buy It - Purchase Your FINDIT.ID Label Pack and Attach the Label(s) to Your Item(s)

Register It - Go to the FINDIT.ID Website to: Create an Account & Register Your Item(s)

Lose It - If You Lost a Registered FINDIT.ID item, Login to Your Account and Click on the 'Report Item As Lost' Link

Find It - If an Amazing Human Finds Your Item and Reports it as Found,

You Will Then be Notified Via Email, SMS and Through the FINDIT.ID Message Centre

Retrieve It - Use the FINDIT.ID Message Centre to Communicate With the Finder of Your Item.

Arrange to Meet and Retrieve Your Item Somewhere Safe and in Public

Compatible With FINDIT.ID